Raspberries & Cream

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Sweet cream gelato with a touch of vanilla, bursting with ribbons of fresh organic raspberries.



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An exotic combination inspired by our love of Indian cuisine. Warm, sweet cardamom gelato spiked with chunks of candied organic ginger.


Turkish Fig-Orange

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Fragrant golden Calimyrna figs and zesty Valencia oranges blended into a heady, creamy temptation.


Fresh Mint Stracciatella

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Our take on the classic Mint Chip. Sweet cream gelato with fresh peppermint and chunks of dark chocolate


Coconut Lime Sorbetto

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Inspired by a tropical cocktail, this combination of refreshing coconut milk and vibrant limes will brighten any day. Vegan and low in fat to boot.


Dark Chocolate Sorbetto

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Pure, dark chocolate. So lush and overwhelmingly rich you won’t believe that it’s vegan and low in fat.


West Indian Rum Raisin

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We booze up our organic raisins by soaking them in rum and Caribbean spices for our take on the classic flavor.



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Coffee Heaven: Sweet cream gelato steeped with Portland’s own Coffee By Design micro-roasted French Roast.


Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

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What’s better than this? Sweet marscapone gelato with swirls of organic strawberries and chunks of dark chocolate.


Wild Maine Blueberry Lemon Sorbetto

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Organic wild blueberries fresh from the coast of Maine meet up with zesty lemons for our vegan and fat-free delight. We love these little blue gems.